Sen. LaSata works with railroad representative to schedule much-needed railroad crossing repairs

State Sen. Kim LaSata on Friday announced that repairs have been scheduled for critical railway crossings in Lincoln Township.

“There are several concerns with the status of these crossings, but this is ultimately an issue of public safety,” said LaSata, R-Coloma. “These railway crossings are in critical need of repairs and Lincoln Township residents simply deserve better. It is important that we get these fixed in a timely manner.”

On Tuesday, the Lincoln Township Facebook page posted photos and contact information for residents to report complaints to CSX Transportation — the entity that manages the railway crossings in question. LaSata said her office saw the post and began inquiring what could be done to resolve the issue.

“My office saw the post online and immediately contacted the Michigan Railroads Association for assistance,” LaSata said.

Michigan Railroads Association President Jon Cool credited LaSata’s inquiries as playing a crucial role in reaching a solution.

“Senator LaSata contacted me shortly after the Facebook post went public asking local residents to take action to get the issue resolved,” Cool said. “We were able to connect with CSX representatives and get these repairs scheduled for this fall. I’m glad the senator reached out and together we could resolve the issue for Lincoln Township.”

Railway crossing repairs at Glenlord Road, Marquette Woods and Maiden Lane are scheduled to begin in September.

“I am happy we were able to reach the desired outcome and get these crucial repairs scheduled,” LaSata said. “This will surely be a welcomed improvement in the community, and I appreciate the strong partnership with CSX and our southwest Michigan communities.”


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