Governor signs Sen. LaSata legislation easing car dealer regulations

Updated: Feb 17

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Kim LaSata that would provide better flexibility for Class A and Class B car dealers to run their business was signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday afternoon.

“The idea for this bill was brought to me by a nonprofit in my district that had a difficult time allowing employees to take time off for professional development training or family events because of the previous hours of operation requirements from the state,” said LaSata, R-Coloma. “While the law originated for good purpose — protecting consumers from shady business practices — I introduced this legislation to give dealership owners some additional discretion when it comes to how they operate their business.”

The law previously required car dealers to be open to customers at least 30 hours per week, 52 weeks a year. Senate Bill 128 reduces that requirement to 48 weeks and removes the hours of operation restrictions for the remaining four weeks of the year.

LaSata added that this legislation is especially relevant in the current economic climate, where many businesses are having trouble hiring staff to keep their doors open.

“Ensuring dealers are open and committed to customers is a noble and worthy pursuit, but these mandates from the state have a real impact on how individuals can run their business. They put a major strain on smaller, family-owned dealerships and nonprofits that can’t really afford the extra burden right now,” LaSata said. “This bill is a reasonable compromise that maintains consumer protections and gives dealers more leeway to best meet their businesses’ and employees’ needs.”

The bill received bipartisan support in both chambers and is now Public Act 90 of 2021.


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