Rep. LaSata helps send more road money to Southwest Michigan – without raising taxes

More money urgently needed to fix roads in Berrien County this construction season will soon be on its way, state Rep. Kim LaSata announced today after the funding was signed into law.

“Drivers are frustrated by the condition of our roads, and I can’t blame them. I share the frustration,” said LaSata, of Bainbridge Township. “The good news is some help is on the way, and it is arriving without higher taxes or fees.”

An additional $175 million in transportation funding beyond what was already planned for this year will be distributed statewide. Much of the money is headed directly to counties, cities and villages for road preservation and construction. The money is already available because various state departments did not spend as much as originally projected during a previous budget cycle, meaning no budget cuts – or additional fees or taxes – are needed for the investment.

The allocations include an estimated $1.15 million for Berrien County’s road agency. In addition, cities and villages will receive extra money including Benton Harbor ($79,805), Bridgman ($18,605), Coloma ($12,879), Shoreham ($4,912), St. Joseph ($59,447), Stevensville ($11,391) and Watervliet ($13,746).

The extra money comes in addition to record-high road funding provided by previous long-term reforms. The state also has strengthened its warranty system designed to make sure new and refurbished roads will last longer.


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