LaSata: Our drivers deserve better roads in Southwest Michigan

Legislation approved to add $175 million for 2018 projects

State Rep. Kim LaSata, of Bainbridge Township, voted today for increased funding to local, county, and state road repair and construction projects for 2018.

The House allocated $175 million in currently available funds across Michigan, including $1.15 million in Berrien County. This breaks down to: Benton Harbor receiving $79,805, Bridgman receiving $18,604, Coloma receiving $12,879, Saint Joseph receiving $59,446, Stevensville receiving $11,391, and Watervliet receiving $13,745.

“Drivers are sick and tired of dodging potholes every time they back out of their driveway, go to local grocery store, or travel across the state,” LaSata said. “The situation is only going to get worse after this erratic winter. We have the money available to repair our roads now and we should take advantage of this opportunity instead of waiting another budget cycle.”

The money is left over from last year’s budget and currently available, which means we can make this important investment without raising taxes or fees, and without cutting important programs. The money included in the bill approved today comes in addition to previous changes that provide more funding for road and bridge projects across the state.

“Southwest Michigan went from being battered by an extended snowstorm to 60-degree temperatures in a week,” LaSata said. “Pothole season is already upon us and we need to protect our drivers by restoring our roads, bridges, and infrastructure.”

House Bill 4321 advances to the Senate for further consideration.


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