Rep. LaSata echoes Snyder’s call to remove sexual assault from college campuses

State Rep. Kim LaSata, of Bainbridge Township, issued the following statement in response to the 2018 State of the State speech Tuesday at the state Capitol:

“I have an appreciation for a lot of what Gov. Rick Snyder addressed in his final State speech and understand how important it is finish out his final year in office with strong, smart decisions.

“One thing he mentioned specifically resonated with me – and I thank him for addressing it – involves Michigan State University and the ongoing criminal case involving one of its former physicians. One of our state’s most popular universities has failed to protect its students from sexual assault and that must be addressed.

“We must enforce the necessity that every Michigan student has access to an excellent, affordable, and safe educational experience on each of our state’s 15 taxpayer supported colleges and universities.”


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