Fighting for All Michigan Residents

  • As a state representative, I have been dedicated to listening to your concerns, leading with common sense, and delivering results. Below is some of what I have done to fight for families, senior citizens, taxpayers, workers and students. I understand your concerns because they are my concerns too. I will continue standing up to the special interest groups and lobbyists and do what is best for us.

Fighting for you

  • Lowering the Cost of Car Insurance: One of my top priorities is making car insurance more affordable. I supported a plan that would have offered choice, cracked down on fraud, curbed medical costs, and would have stopped us from having to pay the highest rates in the nation. (HB 5013)

  • Fixing Roads: Like you, I'm frustrated with the condition of our roads. I fought for record funding to fix roads and bridges including additional emergency funding without raising taxes. (HB 4321)

  • No Grocery Taxes: I helped pass a new law to ban local governments form imposing taxes on groceries. (HB 4999)

  • Protecting Against FraudI voted to eliminate the failed driver responsibility fee program to help people get their licenses back so they can get a job and get back on their feet. (HBs 5040-46, 5079-80)

Fighting for Families

  • Providing Tax Relief: Families deserve a tax break which is why I was eager to preserve and increase the personal exemptions for taxpayers and their dependents. (HBs 5420-21, SBs 748, 750)

  • Combatting Opioids: Opioid addiction is devastating lives and tearing families apart. I backed solutions to stop abuse and increase access to treatment. (HBs 4403-08)

  • Improving Mental Health: I've backed solutions to improve access to strengthen care for people who are facing mental health challenges. (House C.A.R.E.S. Task Force Recommendations.)

Fighting for Senior Citizens

  • Stopping Identity Theft: I supported a solution to better protect people from consumer fraud by providing free credit freezes. (HB 5094)

  • Protecting Meals on Wheels: I helped safeguard and increase funding to the important Meals on Wheels program because homebound residents need warm, nutritious meals. (State Budget FY 2017/19, HB 4323)

  • Guarding Your Money: Living on fixed incomes is a challenge. That's why I supported a plan to create a tax credit for people 62 and older. (HB 5422)

Fighting for Workers

  • Bigger Paychecks: I continue pushing to reduce income taxes so workers can keep more of their hard earned paychecks. (HB 4001)

  • Better Benefits: I backed a new law to allow local governments to save on healthcare and provide better benefits to workers. (SB 43)

  • Restoring the Dream of Retirement: When people work hard their entire life, they deserve peace of mind for the future. That's why I helped pass a plan to give hard working school and state employees more options to invest their money for retirement. (HBs 5230-31) 

Fighting for Taxpayers

  • Less Wasteful Spending: Government must live within its means just like hard working taxpayers are forced to do every day. I'm pleased to say we have reduced the state's overall general budget spending and continue to pay down debt. (State Budget FY 2017/2018, HB 4323) 

  • Cutting Income Taxes: I was proud to vote for an income tax cut to help everyone keep more of their paycheck. (HBs 4001, 5420-21, SBs 748, 750)

  • Making Car Buying Easier: I helped approve a plan to accelerate a sales tax reduction for people who buy cars, trucks, and SUVs with a trade-in. (SBs 94, 95)

  • Protecting Against FraudI voted for a solution that will crack down on tax-related fraud because identity theft can cost people thousands of dollars and tarnish their good name. (HB 5091)

Fighting for Students

  • Record School Funding: I fought for record-level funding for our k-12 schools and am working to ensure resources go directly into classrooms so students have the tools they need to succeed. (State Budget FY 2017/18, HB 4313)

  • More Skilled Trades: I helped create better training opportunities that prepare students for high-skilled careers because a college degree isn't the only path to success. (HB 5139-42, 5145)

  • Increasing School Safety: All students deserve to feel, and be, safe while at school. I am pushing for new solutions to improve safety in k-12 schools and universities. (HBs 5828-30, 5850-52, Higher Education Budget FY 2018) 

  • Protecting Against FraudI support a plan to allow high school students to earn course credit for completing an internship or work study program so they can build experience, receive credit and get paid. (HBs 4106, 5676)