The Issues

Protecting Parents' Choice in Education

As a parent of four and a former teacher, I know without question that parents have the right to know and approve or deny what their children are being taught in school. I have strongly opposed the advancement of Critical Race Theory and authored legislation to give parents unedited access to all curriculum and materials their children are being given at school. I will continue to fight to protect parents’ choice in education.

Keeping Our Communities Safe

I have been steadfast in my support of law enforcement, working to ensure they have the tools they need to keep our communities, and those who guard them, safe. I proudly sponsored legislation in a package of bills to protect survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking by providing an opportunity to keep their addresses confidential. I will continue to work to ensure families have safe communities to live, work and play. 

Attracting Jobs and Talent to Southern Michigan

Our local economy is unlike any other in Michigan. Too often we see talent and jobs bypass us and locate in Indiana or Ohio. Enough is enough. I have worked to reduce regulatory burdens and increase job training opportunities to meet the unique needs of our area employers. I will continue to work tirelessly to create a vibrant economy right here in southern Michigan where businesses want to invest and people want to live and work.

Securing Our Elections

Having fair and honest elections is paramount to our republic. Every citizen deserves to have faith in the integrity of the election process and its outcome. That's why I sponsored legislation affirming one vote per legal United States citizen and to require the Secretary of State to regularly update the state’s qualified voter file, investigate reports of any voter who improperly cast a vote, and publish a report online. I will continue to push for required ID to vote, strong statewide signature verification, and partisan balance and transparency for election observers.  

Defending Our Values and The Constitution

Our Constitution is the bedrock for our way of life and the freedom it guarantees is worth fighting for. I have stood up to protect the Right To Life in every instance. Life is a precious gift from God that we have an absolute moral obligation to defend. I am a proud NRA member, CPL holder and have a strong record of voting to affirm our Second Amendment Rights. I will continue to firmly stand up for our values and fight against any attack on our Constitution. 

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